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      2024年01月08日 15:20 來源:中國新聞網

        2024年,哈爾濱一躍成為新年頂流。為了讓游客體驗“濱”至如歸的感覺,當地人把凍梨切片擺盤,給豆腐腦加了糖,為中央大街鋪上了地毯,還在廣場打造了溫暖驛站。 交響樂團從音樂廳走進了商場, “非遺”打鐵花在冰天雪地里上演,圣索菲亞大教堂上空升起了人造月亮,哈爾濱為游客創造了一個又一個浪漫。 所以,這潑天的富貴,不給哈爾濱還能給誰?(莫紅娥) Harbin, capital city of Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, has become the top destination for tourists in the New Year. To let visitors experience the generosity of Northeast China, locals slice the frozen pears and plate them beautifully, and add sugar to bean curd jelly to cater to their taste. They have placed carpets along the Central Avenue, and built warm rest spots on the square. The city has created multiple romances for tourists: the symphony orchestra in the shopping mall, the intangible cultural heritage shows of "iron-water splashing" in the snow, and the artificial moon over the St. Sophia Cathedral. It deserves the explosive popularity。